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Better and simpler App Drawer

1. Folders on Drawer: drag and drop apps into the folder created on the drawer like TouchWiz UX. (NOT like Nova where you have to select the apps you want in a folder.)

2. Arrange apps in the drawer like the TouchWiz. I don't want my apps sorted alphabetically. I want the apps I use more often together!

For me this is much more convenient than tabs etc... Please, please take a look at the app drawer options on the Samsung Galaxy S3. If you do that a I'll ditch TouchWiz and buy your pro launcher!

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    Nuno shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Aiden commented  · 

        I posted this as a separate idea, but seeing as this is more popular I'll add it here as well:
        I think it should be easier to move apps around in the app drawer pages without having to go into the settings menu every time you download a new app or what to move an app to a different page. We should be able to drag apps between app drawer pages, and also we should be able to quickly hide apps directly in the app drawer.

      • Bobby commented  · 

        Important Function missing in Apex Launcher....!!

        Custom Modification of Apps....

        Though folders are created for a set of apps..while sorting apps,these apps which are in folders are visible,while sorting, making it difficult to customize apps .we need a customization feature like Samsung UI which is very much easy sort apps and create folders and make extra page in apps drawer.....!

        i wish this will be solved as soon as possible

      • Sherry commented  · 

        Drag and drop support for making folders in the drawer would be perfect

      • Kamran Mokhtar commented  · 

        "2. Arrange apps in the drawer like the TouchWiz. I don't want my apps sorted alphabetically. I want the apps I use more often together!"

        I badly like to get this feature on Apex. With the help of 3rd party apps you can have every thing as Stock Launcher but this feature. Would eagerly look forward to have it.

      • Tereh Bangmat commented  · 

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      • Even commented  · 

        I used Go Launcher EX before and the folder options were great there as well. This is the only feature I'm missing with Apex. I have a lot of apps and I like to group them by function so I can access them quickly instead of scrolling for ages.

      • John commented  · 

        This is great! Please allow us to rearrange icons!

      • jad commented  · 

        Folders in app drawer is one of the only features missing. Already bought pro. Something that essential should not something to vote on. Thanks for your work

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Yes, please. These important and essential features should exist in a good launcher. Apex launcher will be perfect if these features can be added.

      • Chaval Brasil commented  · 

        Yes, please, that's THE big feature missing in Apex

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        My votes are for #1. Folder on Drawer.

      • Thirstygnomes commented  · 

        I agree with this idea, I would even recommend being able to hide the tabs in the app drawer so that you can have more icons per page, allowing you to have to scroll less. This is very similar to Touchwiz on my GS2. I was able to hide the bottom "dock" in app drawer that had home button, allowing us to have even just one more row of Icons.

      • Meme commented  · 

        I prefer tabs than folders (which still clutters the screen).

        I'd rather you focus on making the tabs friendlier. Being able to drag-n-drop icons to tabs would be nice, instead of that long list of checkboxes to organize which icons go in which the tabs.

      • Matthias Wichert commented  · 

        Both features are equaly important. The functions belong together.
        atm i have 4 and a half pages in App Drawer... I need this feature really.

      • Nuno commented  · 

        Matthias, unfortunately rearranging icons (à la iPhone/ Go Launcher/ TouchWiz, etc...) is also not implemented. I guess this feature, as well as folders on the drawer are a must for any launcher. And that's the only reason why I stick with the TouchWiz launcher (until Apex or comes with these two features I hope!)

      • Matthias commented  · 

        I thought this is already implemented. This was one reason i bought the Apex Launcher for my Nexus 7. The Tabs are nice too but not as good as a real Folder.

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