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Double tap to turn off screen

Would it be possible to add the option to turn off the screen when doing a double tap while staying at a homescreen? I think it requires root but i would be an amazing feature.

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    Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Kelvin commented  · 

        Please add the feature, I have LG V30 and it will be very helpful

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Download an app called "lock" from play store. Then go to apex settings> behaviour settings> double tap. Select launch application option and click the 'lock' which is the newly downloaded app. That's it :)

      • Carl Okore commented  · 

        When will this be addressed? It has quite a number of votes and we have been waiting for so long.

      • Rudi commented  · 

        Please add double tap to turn screen off. I have LG G3 and there it is standard.

      • tp commented  · 

        +1... i installed the lock screen app mentioned below and that's nice except i like a shortcut-less home screen so the double tap (like comes with stock launcher on my new LG G4) would be nicer...

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Have a lg stylo and i cant use my fav. Launcher cause it needs double tap to lockscreen cause buttons are in back on phone please add this

      • Cheeze Keyk commented  · 

        i need this feature also on my G3 and other devices that supports double tap to sleep.

        please dev add that feature on your Launcher. :D

      • Sean commented  · 

        Could just add the feature to the double tap on desktop gesture, my Xperia z3 hasn't got the turn off function but I have double tap to wake, would be great to have it on my daily launcher.Otherwise, Solo launcher has it already.

      • Amit Oren commented  · 

        Important feature missing from this launcher for those who do not use the default LG launcher...
        (and most of us don't LOL)

      • Joe O commented  · 

        +1 for the option on the LG G3 !
        Buttons are at the back, so the function is necessary !

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Ad this option for my Lg G3 please !!

      • jghgh6 commented  · 

        add the option one tap to turn of screen

      • sivan commented  · 

        please add the option one tap to turn of screen or to start an app

      • mji commented  · 

        add the option one tap too to start an app
        like a double tap gesture
        lovee apexxxxx!!!!

      • mario commented  · 

        please add the option one tap too

      • Irfan commented  · 

        This needed and doesn't require root.
        Only requires administrative rights, which would require a user to remove the rights to be able to remove Apex Launcher.

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